It’s been over 9 months since last I last posted a blog post over here. Where has the time gone?

Well, a lot of the time has gone to preparing and playing live show gigs. In 2014, I performed my “Jesus” concert 8 times. The first two (and the fourth) I performed solo and the rest I had other musicians with me. I generally prefer having other musicians, since it provides a fuller sound and more variety. However, it does take additional work. Fortunately, all the people I play with are a joy!

Here’s the list of the concerts for 2014!

Christ the King, Topeka, February 3rd (solo)

Mother Teresa, Topeka, March 2nd (solo)

Our Lady of Unity, Kansas City, March 31st (with “the band”)

Savior Pastoral Center, Kansas City, April 3rd (solo)

St. James, Wetmore, May 5th (with Wade Talley)

Most Pure Heart of Mary, Topeka, May 12th (with Wade Talley)

St. Patrick, Kansas City, September 29th (with “the band”)

St. Dominic, Holton, November 4th (with Wade Talley) 

“The band” is Steve Courtney, Jim Trouba, Cindy See, and Audrianna See.

As I was reviewing the concerts over the past year, it occurred to me that I have never done the exact same concert twice. Although there have been some concert “staples”, I like mixing it up a little bit each time.  For those who like numbers, I’ll put the number of times I’ve performed each song at the bottom of this blog post. If there’s a song that you see that I’ve not performed enough (or have performed too much!) feel free to send me an e-mail or post on my facebook page.

So, that’s been the majority of the work.  I’ve written a few new songs this year, and I’m still chipping away at some other ideas that are floating around in my brain.  I hope to possibly record again in 2016, but we’ll see where I am musically, financially, and schedule(ly).

My next concert is scheduled for January 23rd at St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood.  I’ll be with “the band” again for that concert. I also might be performing again next year with Wade Talley in some of his concerts.

I hope to see you at an upcoming concert!

Thanks for reading!

Fr. Kent

And for those who like these sorts of things, here’s how often I played each song this year in concert. It’s always a little tricky to get the right balance of things and the ones that I feel I can play competently and interestingly in concert. 

One Man--8

It’s All Good--8

The Name--8

Mary Had No Y--8


What a Friend We Have in Jesus--7

Lord I Lift Your Name on High--7

Voice in the Wilderness--7

Shepherd’s Heart--7


Not My Will--6

Master of Disguise--3

Divine Mercy--3

This is the Day--3

Come to Jesus (Wade Talley’s Song)--2

Little Way--2


Get Ready--1

Love Means Sacrifice (NEW SONG!)--1

No Hay Otra Manera (NEW SONG!)--1

Blessed Assurance--1


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