It's been a long time since I have written a new blog post on this website.

The reason is, basically, that I have only so much time to work on my music projects (I am a pastor of a pretty active parish afterall!), and I've been using that time to work on the Kickstarter campaign and reviewing drafts of music that the producer, David C. Smith has been sending me.

I have been posting to my Kickstarter project page about the updates to the album.  If you would like to see what I have been up to for the last few months, you can still read the updates that I have posted there.

Kickstarter page

Now, the process of finishing up the project and getting out all the rewards takes quite a bit of work.

Here's what I am doing...

Starting up a bandcamp page where people can learn about my music.  Link to come.

Finishing up a couple of bonus items that I have made available through the Kickstarter campaign.  One is a book of reflections about the Jesus songs.  The second is a bonus CD that goes "behind the scenes" of how an album is recorded.  These two projects will allow people to go deeper into the songs of the album, one on a spiritual level, the other on a technical level.

Listening to and offering tweaks to the mixes that David is sending me.

Practicing with our band, "The Mama and the Padres" for our gig on September 7th at my parish festival.

Editing the liner notes for the Jesus CD and getting that sent off to the album designer.  I am excited that I will be getting a "digipack" this time around instead of a jewel box.  I'm moving into the next generation.

Those items have kept me pretty busy for the past few months.  

And then parish work is a whole different matter!

I update my facebook music page frequently, that's the best place to hear the latest news of my goings on.  I encourage you to "like" me there!


Fr. Kent


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