Another successful day at Icon Music Studios with David C. Smith!

The day was bookended with priestly ministerial things.  I concelebrated Mass with the pastor of St. John the Baptist, Fr. Cyril Fernandes and did the homily for the school kids.  Yep, they had school, no snow here (some light freezing rain).  I then again attended the parish mission and helped out with confessions.  It was very nice.

The morning recording sessions were spent working on some of my instrumental work.  I recorded guitar parts for "One Man" (to which I recorded the lead vocal yesterday), "Pentecost" and one of my two cover songs "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", for which I have a hand in the arrangement.  Then I got to play ukelele on "This is the Day" (a setting of Psalm 118), which is a pretty happy little ditty (it's hard to have a song with a ukelele not be a "happy little ditty").  I am grateful to Kyle Heimann from the band Popple for letting me play on his ukelele.  It has such a great tone, I might have to go out and get myself a new uke!

In the afternoon we worked on some more vocals.  We actually tried to do some in the morning, but my voice just wasn't up to it.  There were some kind of painful moments in those takes, and I'm glad that nobody else had to hear them.  So we came back after working on guitars and uke, to record the lead vocal to "This is the Day" (the uke song), "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", and "Pange Lingua" (which sets St. Thomas Aquinas' lyrics to a new melody).  On at least "This is the Day" and "Pange", I hope to have some guest vocalists.  Maybe on "What a Friend" too.  Finally we did the lead vocal to "Master of Disguise", which is based on the words of Mother Teresa.  It is a song that I first performed at Mother Teresa parish in Topeka, KS and is kind of a "holdover" from my "Saints" project, where it is as if the song is sung from the perspective of the saint, but I think it works very well on this "Jesus" project as well, where the lyric says "I saw Jesus in distressing disguise..."

David exported all the rough tracks for me to listen to, and I must say, that they are sounding really pretty good.  My vocals are still very "dry", they still need "eq" and effects like echo and stuff, but they still sound really good (and it's easy to "shudder" when hearing one's own voice), and I'm not shuddering, so that's a good sign!  He's done a great job capturing my vocals, and I think it will sound really super when it's all said and done.  At least one of my harmonica songs sounds pretty good too.

Tomorrow I think we need to get my piano parts recorded, and the vocals to those songs as well.  We have all the lead vocals for the project except for the two songs that have some piano "free form."  We should be able to get a jump on the "Advent" project later this week, maybe even tomorrow!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's report!

Fr. Kent




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