And the "Jesus" project is done!

...well, my part anyway.

...well, I think so anyway...

All of the major recording of my parts has been completed for the "Jesus" CD.  We finished up my piano part for "Not My Will" today and we also got a solid recording of my piano for "One Man," much to my surprise.  I was just about ready to give up on playing this part, and just let David do it himself, when he said, "well, why don't you take a stab at it?"  And lo and behold, we got the majority of the song in one take!  We had to go back and fix some spots (and fix my sustain pedal, of course), but it was pretty strong out of the gate. 

I also re-recorded some of my harmonica parts for "Divine Mercy," and added a harmony vocal for "It's All Good"

Then we got into the fairly nit-picky tweaking stuff.  I added a couple of things to "It's All Good," fixed a couple piano things in "Shepherd's Heart" and "Pentecost", fixed a vocal here and there.

So, in the end, it looks like I am playing guitar on 3 tracks, piano on 5 tracks, harmonica on 2, and ukelele on 1.  This makes me very pleased that I will be playing at least some of my own instrumentation on this project.  The rest of the instrumentation will be provided by David C. Smith who is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist.

Some people don't really understand how this works in most modern recording.  I know that I sure didn't understand it when I recorded my first project (The Musical of Tobit).  I thought that everyone just came into the studio and recorded the music together. But most modern recording is kind of like a painting or a fresco. You add one layer at a time.  You first get the general layout of the song (usually done by a drum and a rough guitar or piano part), then you go back and build on that, usually adding bass, then a better guitar or piano, then vocals.  After that is when all the fun stuff gets added on top, guitar solos and synth or strings, harmony vocals, percussion.

So after I leave this week, David will be working on adding all of the "fun" stuff to really make the song a song.  This is where the "production" of a song goes into full gear.  Or, thinking analogically to making a movie, we will move into "post-production", where all the actors parts have been recorded, then you go in and add all the special effects, get the sound just right, tweak lighting, etc.

The "Jesus" project pretty much is moving now into "post-production".

So, then also today, we made our first headway into the "Advent" project.  We got my ukelele and lead vocal done for "Mary Had No Y," which is perhaps the silliest song that I have ever written (although my "Philip Neri" song from "Saints" could give it a good run for its money).  My "Muppet" and "Veggie Tales" influence certainly shows in this song.  And it warmed my heart that when I came out of the little recording isolation room, at least 5 of David's kids had gathered 'round to listen in.  They seemed to be enjoying it, so that's good.  David's studio is connected to his house, and apparently you can hear studio stuff in the house proper, and I guess the kids wanted a closer listen.  That's the first time that has happened in my four days here.  So hopefully, this song will be a "hit" with many kids when it comes out in November-ish.

Tomorrow, we will probably take another listen to some of the Jesus stuff and fix any problems that need to be fixed and then get some more work done on the Advent project.

Tune in then!

Fr. Kent



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