Well, day three of recording is in the bag.  And it was another solid day.

I was hoping to have some pictures uploaded to this site (or at least to the facebook music site), but I still have not been able to get on to the wireless internet at the rectory. so I am using one of the parish computers to post these updates (with permission, of course!)

Today was a bit slower (as I anticipated), because we were recording some of my piano parts.  I have never recorded piano before, other than my demos that I made in GarageBand, and it is just quite a bit different playing in a studio than playing live. I also have discovered that my sustain pedal can sometimes be a little heavy and a little sloppy (which I don't notice really when I am playing by myself).  I think this is a fairly standard error by intermediate players (which I consider myself to be), as we tend to let the sustain pedal "make everything sound cool."  It certainly didn't work in recording though, but we were able to get that fixed in the editing process (pretty cool the way that can be done).  I think that my piano performances were still solid, just not perfect, and in a recording, they have to be pretty darn perfect.

So today I got the piano part recorded for what is slated as the last song of the CD, "Pentecost".  I then had to go back and fix a couple minor things in the guitar to match the piano part.  I took awhile to get it, but I am pleased with the final result.  I especially like the way that the song end, and therefore the way the whole project ends. 

I also recorded "Shepherd's Heart", which is a song that my sister-in-law, Wendy O'Connor, wrote way back in 1989, and I have always loved the song, and I think that Wendy has had some influence in me writing songs.  She wrote the song as a guitar song, and I have done my own arrangement as a piano song.  It will probably be the "quietest" song on the project, with just piano and bass, and maybe just a little strings or something else in there.  It too, took me a while to get this recorded, so that it would be close to "perfect".

We were able also to record the vocals to both "Pentecost" and "Shepherd's Heart," and I think we got solid tracks on them.

I also got a start on the piano part for "Not My Will," but we ran out of time, so we will finish up that one tomorrow.

I think that we will probably wrap up my parts on the Jesus project tomorrow, and then get started on ideas for the Advent project.

This evening we also closed out the parish mission at St. John the Baptist with a Mass with Bishop Kevin Rhoades.  It has been a special delight to participate in this parish mission and get to know some of the parish community here.  It's been a nice way to spend the evenings, and I will miss it.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting recording report!

Fr. Kent



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