Well, you might notice from the blog title that it does not say "Recording" there.  That's because we didn't record a single note today.  After listening fairly thoroughly to all the tracks, there wasn't really anything that I needed to fix from the "Jesus" album, and the two tracks that we have for the "Advent" album can wait until our June recording session for finer tweaking.  Even so, those sounded good too. None of the other Advent tracks have been started yet, and again that can wait.

So instead, we recorded some video for the Kickstarter campaign that I'll be starting up in a month or two.  It is a "crowdfunding" model, and you can find out more about that if you would like at www.kickstarter.com.  

So that wraps up things for the first recording session.

So what happens now?  Well, now the project goes quiet for basically the month of March.  David's got another project ahead of me that he needs to finish first, and then he'll start working on all of his layered tracks sometime in April.

Meanwhile, I will resume my Lenten duties as pastor of Our Lady of Unity parish here in Kansas City, KS.  I might tinker a little bit with liner notes and making sure that my lyrics are correct, but I won't be doing much with this project until after Easter myself.  I might do some work on getting the Kickstarter campaign going, but I do need to get back to my primary focus as a pastor. I do want to record a couple of local voices for both projects, and that might happen in March, but it also might wait until after Easter as well.  

So, thanks for reading these blog updates, and it'll get quiet around here probably for a while.

Have a blessed Lenten time,


Fr. Kent



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