Happy Salmon

Personal Ranking: unranked, but still loads of fun!

Time to play (in my experience): 1 minute

Age Level: I’ve played this with as young as 4 or 5.

Difficulty Level: 0 (less than 2 minutes to teach, less than 45 minutes to play)

Type of Game: Speed. Do I need to explain this? Fastest wins. 

Game setting: Um… fishing?

Brief overview how to play: Each player has his/her own deck of 12 cards, with 3 copies of each of the 4 different actions. At the same time all players begin revealing their top card and then start yelling out their action looking for a partner who has the same action revealed. For instance, if I have a “High Five” card I need to say “High Five” until I’ve given a high five to someone else who also has a High Five card revealed. Once I have done the action, I can move onto the next card. The first person to get through all his/her cards is the winner. 

Here are the 4 actions cards. Aren't they cute?

How many players does it play?: 3-6

Ideal number? 6. The more the merrier.

Why do I love/recommend this game?:

Raucous, quick fun. This is not a quiet game (although I have seen examples of groups playing it silently, just doing actions instead of yelling). It is a crazy, quick game that will get your heart going in just a minute. 

Fun actions. All the actions are simple and fun, but my favorites are the Switcheroo, where you have to switch places with the other person, and the Happy Salmon action, which is a little hard to describe, but very silly.

Good for quite young to quite old. As long as a child is able to recognize pictures or words, they can play this game. And as long as moving around a table won’t cause a heart attack or a broken leg, grandma or grandpa can play, too.

By 2 sets, play with up to 12: Although I haven’t tried it yet, there is a Blue Salmon package that can be combined with the Green Salmon package so you can play with more players. Although 12 might be a bit much, there have been several times that 8 or 9 players would have been perfect.

Cute packaging: Did you see that cute fish?

The cards fit in the fish. What's in your fish?

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all? Well, it’s usually loud and obnoxious. Keep that in mind when pulling out this game (or play the “silent method”).

Final word: In the right setting, this is the perfect game. I am sure that I will be bringing this game to family gatherings and youth group nights for years to come.

And... here's a video. This game is best seen "in action."...


Amazon.com price at the time of this posting: $12.64


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