Just One

Personal Ranking: NEW

Time to Play (in my experience): 30 minutes

Age Level: 10 or so (need to have a reasonable vocabulary)

Difficulty Level: 0 (less than 2 minutes to teach, less than 45 minutes to play

Type of Game: Party. These are light games that don’t take a whole lot of explanation or strategy. 

Game Setting: None

Brief overview of how to play: 13 cards are set up as the deck for the game. The goal is to work together to obtain all 13 cards. The first card is drawn and put in front of a player, but he/she cannot see the 5 words on the card. The player picks a number between 1-5 indicating the word that he/she will try to guess. The other players write just one word on their dry erase easels. This is a word that they think will help the player guess the word. Then they reveal their hints to each other, but not the guessing player yet. Here’s the catch, if there are any duplicate words, they are eliminated, and the guesser must try to guess the word (or pass) with the remaining clues, using just one guess. After the deck of 13 cards is exhausted, you check to see how many cards you got for your score.




An example of one of the cards. Let's say that the guessing player says "3". That means the other players will give clues for "Fair"


The 6 other players come up with the following clues. However, 2 people wrote "State," which means those are eliminated. Now the guesser has to try to guess the word "Fair" with just the clues on the right.


How many players does it play?: 3-7 (though you could probably play more by just using more easels)

Ideal number?: 7 (or more if you have more easels)

Why do I love/recommend this game?:


Easy to grasp, fun to play. Anyone who has ever seen a game show like Password or played Taboo or other clue-giving games will immediately understand how this works. 

The "second guessing" game is fun. I could put the most obvious clue, but will someone else put it? Maybe I’ll go for the second most obvious clue, but maybe one of the others is thinking the same thing? If I put an “inside joke” clue, will they get it or will it just throw them off? Great fun!

Let’s play again! This is one of those games that you rarely want to play just once. The game could be called, “Just One More Time.”




Some more examples of cards in the game

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: It’s possible that there might be some questionable words that could lead to questionable clues, but that would probably be more group dependent. I haven’t seen any questionable words myself.


Final word: There’s a reason that this game is up for Game of the Year 2019. It is a super fun clue-giving party game where everyone works together to get the best score they can. And then will likely try it again to try to do better. A real winner of a game for me.


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