Personal Ranking (2016 ranking): #41

Time to Play (in my experience): 20-45 minutes

Age Level: I think that 8 or 9 year olds could handle this just fine.

Difficulty Level: 1 (less than 5 minutes to teach, less than an hour to play)

Type of Game: Classic card game feel. The cards are numbers and suits. However, there are 6 suits, and cards numbered 0-10

Game Setting: Alice in Wonderland.

Brief overview of how to play: On your turn you must play one card into the line (the parade). You then count back as many cards as the number of the card you just played and any cards beyond that number that are of an equal or lesser value or of the same suit, you must pick up and put into your own tableau. Then you draw a card. Play continues until either the deck runs out or 1 player has collected all 6 suits. Everyone will get one final turn. The points are tallied with each card counting for the number that is on each card (with the exception of majority rules, see below). Fewest points wins.

This picture is from the rulebook, explaining how you remove cards.

How many players does it play?: 3-6

Ideal number?: 3-4

Why do I love/recommend this game?: 

1) Extremely simple to play, yet still challenging: All you have to do on your turn is play a card. However, knowing when to play what card can be kind of tricky.

2) Very casual game: Like many classic card games, this is one that you can play and still have a conversation, because it is not so engrossing that you need to be focusing on the game at every moment.

3) Beautiful artwork: Front and back these cards are beautiful. I feel like I am playing something from the 1920s.

4) Majority suit rule: One great twist of the game is that if you have majority (or even tied in majority) in any suit, you get to flip over those cards, and each card is only worth one point. Thus, it might be advantageous for you to pick up some extra purple cards so that 8 point card you collected earlier might only be worth one point.

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: Nothing that I can see.


This picture is a little fuzzy, because we were playing on a train, which is a great place to play Parade!

Final word: I have mostly moved on from playing classic card games like hearts, spades, pitch, etc. However, there is still something nice about playing a “suits and numbers” game. I would recommend this game in any situation that called for a light, casual, “classic-feel” card game. price at posting: $16.99


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