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Personal Ranking: #29 (2016 Ranking)

Time to Play (in my experience): 20-30 minutes

Age Level: This can be played with any child who can write numbers.

Difficulty Level: 0 (less than 2 minutes to teach, less than 45 minutes to play)

Type of Game: Party Game. Party games are games to play in very casual settings often with larger groups of people. Often the goal is less on the winning and more on the laughing.

Game Setting: None, really.

Brief overview of how to play:  A question is read out loud to the group. Each player then writes down an answer on their board in private (the answer is always a number). Once all the answers have been written down, all players reveal their answers. The boards are then lined out from smallest to largest numbers. Then each player places their two markers (one large and one small) on the answer that they think is the closest without going over (“Price is Right” rules). The answer is then revealed.  Points are awarded as follows: 1 point for having your answer being the correct or closest answer, 1 point for placing your small marker on the correct answer, and 2 points for putting your large marker on the correct answer. First player to 15 points is the winner.


An example of one of the questions


How many players does it play?: 3-5 (or up to 10 when played as teams)

Ideal number?: 5

Why do I love/recommend this game?:

A trivia game where the smartest person doesn’t necessarily win. The problem with trivia games is that you can often come away feeling stupid. In this game, the questions are usually really hard and the most educated guess usually wins, but often all the answers are way off. Plus, because the second part of the game is about placing wagers, all the players can place their markers on the “smart” person’s answer as well.

Plays really fast: I’m not sure if I’ve ever played this game only once on a game night. Usually people are saying, “okay, let’s go again!”

Interesting trivia questions: As is the case with most trivia games, you generally come away with some new trivial knowledge.


Here's the answer. They always have a little detail about that answer.

Good for all age levels: Kids usually have as much fun with this game as the adults. And often the kids come away with the victory.

Surprisingly interesting decisions: Do you hedge your bets, or go all in? How confident do you feel in your answer? Where are the other players playing their markers? Pretty interesting, really.

Wages have been placed.

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: Not in the family version. There is also a “normal version” and a “party version”. I don’t know if there are any “offensive” questions in there or not.

Final word: This is one of my favorite party games. It is a perfect blend of trivia and wagering that works really well with a wide variety of ages and players.

Amazon.com price at the time of this posting: $17.98


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