Personal Ranking: #48 (2016 Ranking)

Time to Play (in my experience): 10-30 minutes

Age Level: Kids as young as 5 or 6 can play this.

Difficulty Level: 0 (less than 2 minutes to teach, less than 45 minutes to play)

Type of Game: Party game. Party games are games to play in very casual settings often with larger groups of people. Often the goal is less on the winning and more on the laughing.

Game Setting: None

Brief overview of how to play: The object is to get rid of all your cards. On your turn you get to play one card, which either allows you to place a block on the stack or take an action (like reverse or skip). If the stack collapses, you have to draw three cards, then you get to start the stack again. If you play your last card by successfully stacking a block, you win.

How many players does it play?: 2 or more.

Ideal number?: Probably 5 or 6.

Why do I love/recommend this game?:

1) The wonky blocks. This is the key aspect of the game. Although there are only 9 blocks, each block has 3 normal sides and three “wonky” sides. It’s really hard to get a block of wonky blocks to stack.

2) The stack falls down often. What’s usually the most fun about stacking games is watching the tower fall. In this game, it frequently falls. Since the placing of each block beyond the second is pretty precarious, players are usually watching with great anticipation as to whether it will fall or not.

3) Clever card play and block placement. Sure, you could place your block in such a way that it would be next to impossible for the next player to play a block. However, the next player could play a reverse card meaning that the next player is you!

4) Very portable. Although the game comes in a wonky box (which is clever), it also comes with a cloth bag for the 9 blocks and a little box for the cards. You can easily take this game anywhere.

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: Nope.

Final word: Wonky is a great mash up between Uno and Blockhead, but better than both of those games. It’s a great game to bring to a party or to end a game night.


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