This is my very first midweek reflection, which I am calling, at least for the moment, “Midweek Minute”. I am writing this on the Wednesday of the week of Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It tends to be one of the lighter work weeks of the year and people are getting ready to spend some extended time with friends and family. There is a “buzz” in the air.


I recognize that Thanksgiving is not a joyful time in some people’s experience, and that it has some questionable origins and associations with our Native American brothers and sisters. I encourage families to pray for those who find Thanksgiving a particularly painful time of the year.


Regardless of the origins of the holiday and the personal experiences of families and individuals, “thanksgiving” is a perfect place for me to begin these “Midweek Minute” reflections. Thanksgiving is where the Christian life begins.


I believe that the more grateful we are for what God has done for us, the better Christians we are. Everything is a gift from God. We should be giving thanks all the time. This minute is a gift from God. So was the last one. So is the next one (if it comes). When we recognize this, the only appropriate response is to say “thank you”, and then to use the gift in the most appropriate way possible.


The Gospel reading that is most commonly read on Thanksgiving Day is the one about the 10 lepers (see Luke 17:11-19). They all are cured, but only one of them returns to give thanks. But before he gives thanks, he realizes that he has been cured. Once he realizes it, he returns to the Lord to thank him. 


So should it be with us. 


Unfortunately, most of us resemble the other nine more frequently than not. Not because we aren’t grateful, but because we are unaware. 


Do you realize all that God has done for you? I doubt it. I certainly don’t. I suspect that when I go to meet my Lord, I will be amazed about all the things that He has done for me that I didn’t realize.


So be aware! And give thanks. God has done more for you than you realize.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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