Lyrics inspired by St. Francis deSales

1.  You cannot be what you are not

to thine own self be true

But you are more than what you got

God has a plan for you


Let us be what God wants for us

provided we are His

Not what we want or make a fuss

to what his vision is



 To bring honor

to the Master

whose handiwork you are

And be who you are and be that well!




2. Maybe you’re this maybe you’re that

Maybe you’re born that way

They say you’re thin they say you’re fat

Or you’re so yesterday


This is the time this is the place

to know the Craftman’s art

And how we fit into his space

and best to play our part


To bring honor

to the Master

whose handiwork you are

And be who you are and be that well!




I’m a Child of God more than anything 


Music/Lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

1.  I’ve been faithful

I’ve done my chores

I’ve tried to do the things you wanted done

But my brother

hangs out with… unholy women

And you treat him as if he’s your favorite son


1st Chorus

It just doesn’t seem fair to me

This way that you are treating me

After all this time, you give me this cold shoulder.

Seems it’s all about the Prodigal, 

but what about the Older?


2. “You’ve been faithful,”

my father said

“And everything that I have belongs to you

but your brother

who once was dead

has returned to us, it’s like my dream come true”


2nd Chorus

“We have to celebrate now

it’s time to have a feast now

It is not the time to let the anger smolder

Yes, your brother is the Prodigal, 

you gotta be the Older”


3rd Chorus

Though it might be killing me

With the focus off of me

Even still I am the favored birthright-holder

Since my father loves the Prodigal, 

So must the Older

Music/lyrics ©2014 Kenneth L. O'Connor

1. Why would the Lord of all creation come down from up in heaven above?

Leaving his Father and perfection behind to dwell among us 

You might say that it’s crazy

I would say that’s love



Love means sacrifice 

Love is wanting the best for another

And giving yourself to achieve it

Love means sacrifice


2. Why would the Lord allow himself to be hung upon the wood of a tree?

Bearing upon his back the sins of the world, that we could be saved.

God stoops way down to save us

And how could that be?



No greater love is there than this than to lay down one’s life for a friend

Music/Lyrics © 2014 Kenneth L. O'Connor


God doesn’t need us

but still He made us

and how that shows He

loves us

There’s no forcing 

nor coercing

simply giving freedom

oh freedom, freedom to love


Verse 1

In the beginning

there was nothing

but a loving


He wasn’t lonely

he wasn’t empty

yet He freely 


to create a space for us


Verse 2

So he could take us

and he could leave us

But he wants us


He’s prepared a space

in his warm embrace

to see him face

to face

yeah to see Him face to face


Music by David C. Smith. Lyrics by David C. Smith and Sean Clive

Lyrics used with permission


Verse 1

I move ahead but then I’m sliding backwards

Seems no matter what I do I can’t move on

I work so hard to overcome temptation

But the demons won’t give up until I’m done



‘Cause it’s all beyond me, 

all beyond me

without your grace I don’t have a prayer

yeah it’s all beyond me

farther than I can see

and I need you to get me there


Verse 2

So many pleasures for me to partake of

They pull and tempt me to give in to sin

I fight with my own strength and my own power

But without you Lord these demons always win



All the riches of heaven are mine if I trust you to move me beyond what I can’t do. 

Not relying on my own strength but finding my strength lies in you.


Verse 3

I pray each morning that you’ll be there with me

Cause I know I can’t get through it without you.

Music/lyrics @ 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Chorus inspired from Psalm 127


If the Lord does not build the house 

in vain to builders build

If the Lord does not watch the town

In vain do watchmen watch

In vain your early rising

your later goin’ to bed

if the Lord is not Lord of all

it’s all in vain.



So why would a man build his house on the sand

when the rock is far more steady

And why would a maiden let her lamp go a fadin’

Instead of trimmed and ready



The winds came and blew and tore that house in two

that was built on sand unwisely

But that house built on rock stood 

so no wind or after shock could

shake it cause it sat firmly



And five of the ten of those maidens made sure when

the groom came back they’d be stocked up.

but five of them were unwise 

and they were left there with stunned eyes.

finding that door’d been locked up.



Music/lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Verse 1

Another victim of the Lie

He said, “It’s forever you and I”

But once she gave in, “forever” caved in

And guess who’s left alone to cry?


Another alcoholic dad

Who thinks things really aren’t that bad

His wife is cryin’ and the kids are tryin’

to keep some piece of what they had



Over and again I find the brokenness

Hearts torn open, wounded souls

But if I can be, Lord let it be me

to be a means to heal the brokenness


Verse 2

Another couple in distress

Their hope-filled plans are now a mess

Their lovely child and the way she smiled

The hurt that words cannot express


A mother once again alone

Her children all have now outgrown

The faith she gave them 

and she cannot save them

from all the pain that they have known.





There’s more hurt than we know

There’s more pain than they’ll let show

What you get is not always what I see

Verse 3

Another pastor on the news

We thought “there can’t be more abuse!”

But faith is shattered and the flock is scattered

And we wonder why the empty pews!

Music/lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Verse 1  

Where was God

Where was He?

Why would the Lord of Love take my love from me?

God ever present

God of power and might

Where was your power and presence on that painful night?

It’s enough to make me lose my faith




Justice will be done by a merciful God

Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing under the sun

His right hand has won the victory for us

And justice will be done.


Verse 2

Where are they?

All those stones

left on the ground leaving you stripped and all alone.

No one left present

No one to condemn

Neither do I condemn you, but not quite like them

Go in peace, but leave that life behind





It’s in His hands

God knows what’s goin’ on

They’ll be justice for the sinner and the saint



Musica/Letras © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor


¿De qué manera nos salvó Jesus?

¿De qué manera recibimos su gracia? 

Como la semilla, tuvo que morir

Para darnos la nueva vida



El camino de Jesus es el camino de la cruz

Es la verdad, es la vida, no hay otra manera

En esta vida que vivimos, tendrémos sufrimientos

Toma tu cruz con Jesus, no hay otra manera



¿De qué manera Jesus les instuyó?

“Tiene que negarse a si mismo

Tomar su cruz y luego sígame

Si alguien que ser mi discipulo”

Music/Lyrics © 2013 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Lyrics based on Luke 2:29-32


Lord, now you let your servant go in peace

Your word has been fulfilled

My own eyes have seen the salvation

which you have prepared

in the sight of all

a light to reveal you

to the nations

and the glory of your people Israel.

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