Music by David C. Smith. Lyrics by David C. Smith and Sean Clive

Lyrics used with permission


Verse 1

I move ahead but then I’m sliding backwards

Seems no matter what I do I can’t move on

I work so hard to overcome temptation

But the demons won’t give up until I’m done



‘Cause it’s all beyond me, 

all beyond me

without your grace I don’t have a prayer

yeah it’s all beyond me

farther than I can see

and I need you to get me there


Verse 2

So many pleasures for me to partake of

They pull and tempt me to give in to sin

I fight with my own strength and my own power

But without you Lord these demons always win



All the riches of heaven are mine if I trust you to move me beyond what I can’t do. 

Not relying on my own strength but finding my strength lies in you.


Verse 3

I pray each morning that you’ll be there with me

Cause I know I can’t get through it without you.

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