Music/lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Verse 1  

Where was God

Where was He?

Why would the Lord of Love take my love from me?

God ever present

God of power and might

Where was your power and presence on that painful night?

It’s enough to make me lose my faith




Justice will be done by a merciful God

Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing under the sun

His right hand has won the victory for us

And justice will be done.


Verse 2

Where are they?

All those stones

left on the ground leaving you stripped and all alone.

No one left present

No one to condemn

Neither do I condemn you, but not quite like them

Go in peace, but leave that life behind





It’s in His hands

God knows what’s goin’ on

They’ll be justice for the sinner and the saint



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