Music/Lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

1.  I’ve been faithful

I’ve done my chores

I’ve tried to do the things you wanted done

But my brother

hangs out with… unholy women

And you treat him as if he’s your favorite son


1st Chorus

It just doesn’t seem fair to me

This way that you are treating me

After all this time, you give me this cold shoulder.

Seems it’s all about the Prodigal, 

but what about the Older?


2. “You’ve been faithful,”

my father said

“And everything that I have belongs to you

but your brother

who once was dead

has returned to us, it’s like my dream come true”


2nd Chorus

“We have to celebrate now

it’s time to have a feast now

It is not the time to let the anger smolder

Yes, your brother is the Prodigal, 

you gotta be the Older”


3rd Chorus

Though it might be killing me

With the focus off of me

Even still I am the favored birthright-holder

Since my father loves the Prodigal, 

So must the Older

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