Music/lyrics @ 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Chorus inspired from Psalm 127


If the Lord does not build the house 

in vain to builders build

If the Lord does not watch the town

In vain do watchmen watch

In vain your early rising

your later goin’ to bed

if the Lord is not Lord of all

it’s all in vain.



So why would a man build his house on the sand

when the rock is far more steady

And why would a maiden let her lamp go a fadin’

Instead of trimmed and ready



The winds came and blew and tore that house in two

that was built on sand unwisely

But that house built on rock stood 

so no wind or after shock could

shake it cause it sat firmly



And five of the ten of those maidens made sure when

the groom came back they’d be stocked up.

but five of them were unwise 

and they were left there with stunned eyes.

finding that door’d been locked up.



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