Dream Home

Dream Home


Personal Ranking: #23


Time to Play (in my experience): 30 Minutes


Age Level: I think as young as 6 or 7 could play this.


Difficulty Level: 1 (less than 5 minutes to teach, less than an hour to play)


Type of Game: Card Drafting and Pattern Building/Set Collection. Unlike some other card drafting games I have recommended (like 7 Wonders), Dream Home has a central pool of cards. Players take a turn to take the column that they want. Pattern Building/Set Collection in Dream Home means that you want to collect certain types of cards and put them in certain places in your home.


Game Setting: Modern. You get to build your Dream Home!!!


Brief overview of how to play: The game plays over 12 rounds (until everyone has a “full house”). On your turn you take one column of cards. The bottom row is always a room that will go into your house, the top row has roof cards, helpers (that modify the rules or give bonus points), and decor (that go into specific rooms and add points). After 12 rounds, you count up points. 


The "drafting board". You pick a column and take both cards.


How many players does it play?: 2-4 (2-6 with the expansion, 156 Sunny Street)


Ideal number?: 4-6, in my opinion. I think this game is a great game for larger groups


Why do I love/recommend this game?:


The theme is so approachable. How fun it is to build your Dream Home! You feel like you’ve really built something by the end of the game.


Easy to teach. You don’t have to teach the whole game, just teach the cards that come out each round.


Quick to play. Few games play this quick that give the sense that you have built something by the end.


Delightful art. As you build your dream home, the room artwork makes some delightful panoramas. The game also features one of the coolest tie-breaker mechanisms I’ve ever seen. 


With the expansion, it accommodates larger groups well. I am always on the lookout for strategy games that play quickly with larger groups of people. Dream Home with 5 to 6 players is great!


Dream Home in progress!


Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: Not that I can see.


Final word: Dream Home is one of the best family games I own. Interesting decisions that lead to a sense of accomplishment at the end makes this game a real winner for a variety of groups. The expansion adds a 5th and 6th player (which was essential for me) as well as some simple other elements to add to the game if you so desire.


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