The Brokenness

Music/lyrics © 2015 Kenneth L. O'Connor

Verse 1

Another victim of the Lie

He said, “It’s forever you and I”

But once she gave in, “forever” caved in

And guess who’s left alone to cry?


Another alcoholic dad

Who thinks things really aren’t that bad

His wife is cryin’ and the kids are tryin’

to keep some piece of what they had



Over and again I find the brokenness

Hearts torn open, wounded souls

But if I can be, Lord let it be me

to be a means to heal the brokenness


Verse 2

Another couple in distress

Their hope-filled plans are now a mess

Their lovely child and the way she smiled

The hurt that words cannot express


A mother once again alone

Her children all have now outgrown

The faith she gave them 

and she cannot save them

from all the pain that they have known.





There’s more hurt than we know

There’s more pain than they’ll let show

What you get is not always what I see

Verse 3

Another pastor on the news

We thought “there can’t be more abuse!”

But faith is shattered and the flock is scattered

And we wonder why the empty pews!

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